My name is Adrian Smith.

I am a software developer, software architect and performance consultant. Originally from the UK, working in Vienna since 1998. These days I mainly work on web software using Java.

This is my blog, where I write about topics such as: software architecture, programming languages, databases and others.
(And, ocassionally, my life.)

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Survive being hacked by using write-only backupsOne of the functions of backups is to be able to restore the system and data in the case of a successful hacking attack. Without write-only backups, if the servers have access to the backups, then the hacker who has access to the servers has access to the backups too. It is generally understood that backups which don't happen automatically get forgotten at some point. Without automatic backups, when a restore is required, the team realizes that a backup hasn't happened recently, and the backups can't recover current or near-current data. Read more...
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