My name is Adrian Smith.

I am a software developer, software architect and performance consultant. Originally from the UK, working in Vienna since 1998. These days I mainly work on web software using Java.

This is my blog, where I write about topics such as: software architecture, programming languages, databases and others.
(And, ocassionally, my life.)

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The craziest “undo” algorithm you’ve never heard ofThe arrow of time may famously only point only one way, but the progress in computer science takes a weaving non-linear path through the thing we understand as time. The current understanding of how "undo" works within computer programs is pretty fixed; all programs use "undo" and "redo" in the same way? But could "undo" and "redo" be more advanced? To look for a more advanced version than we use today we have to look to an algorithm I first became aware of in 1989. Read more...
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