My name is Adrian Smith.

I am a software developer, software architect and performance consultant. Originally from the UK, working in Vienna since 1998. These days I mainly work on web software using Java.

This is my blog, where I write about topics such as: software architecture, programming languages, databases and others.
(And, ocassionally, my life.)

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Why is my Java software only using one core, on my multi-core AWS ECS Docker instance?There is no way to get Java to automatically use find out many cores are available and use them all, on AWS ECS using Docker. You have to specify how many cores you want to use via the -XX:ActiveProcessorCount option. On JDK >= 10, use the following JDK options: -XX:ActiveProcessorCount=2 On JDK >= 8, use the following JDK options: -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:ActiveProcessorCount=2 Discussion Having optimized my CPU-bound code to make use of multi-core processors, I was disappointed to deploy the software on AWS's Docker implementation, ECS, while paying for an expensive 8-core server, and see all the work happen in sequence on a single core. Read more...
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