The “backspace” key on the keyboard should delete the last character you typed

By Adrian Smith31 May 2019200 words1 mins to read

I hate when pressing the “backspace” key on the keyboard a certain number of times doesn’t wipe out that number of previous keystrokes.

For example, on Mac, if you press the spacebar twice then press backspace key twice you end up with one space. (As Apple inserts a period when you type space twice, so there are now three characters to delete.)

Or on Chrome, when typing in the URL bar, pressing the backspace key removes the auto-suggest, not the character you last typed (unless there isn’t an auto-suggest yet, in which case it does delete the last character you typed).

Rather than just typing, muscle-memory style, you have to look at the screen and think about what you’re doing. Which distracts you from the thing you actually want to be doing: the reason you’re using the computer in the first place.

This article was written by Adrian Smith on 31 May 2019

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