Saving and Loading XML to PostgreSQL via jOOQ

To use XML Java DOM objects with PostgreSQL's XML datatype, do the following.

Create your table with the XML datatype: (You now have a table where the x column can be an XML document, or can be null.)

CREATE TABLE foo (xml_column XML);

Add the following to your Maven dependencies:


Thereafter, tell the jOOQ generation process that any PostgreSQL columns of the type XML should be converted to/from Java DOM Element objects thus:

    <types>XML</types>   <!-- DB types to match -->

Regenerate your sources with mvn generate-sources and now you can write code such as:

import org.w3c.dom.Element;

// Get an XML DOM "Element"
Element element = DomParser.from("<input/>");

// Set the value in your record
FooRecord r = new FooRecord();

// Fetch the record
FooRecord fetched = ....;
Element e = fetched.getXmlColumn();

This article is © Adrian Smith.
It was originally published on 11 Jun 2019
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