Business 2013

This is a report of business activities in 2013. (Similar to the report for last year, 2012).

My employee MartinL (software development) has remained with me for most of 2013, although returning to university in the latter half of the year. New employee DavidZ (software development) has joined.

I have been getting into outsourcing for a few years. Not for the obvious reason of reducing customer costs (that's just a side-effect), but for the fact that good people in Vienna are often already engaged. I don't want to have to tell my customers "We can do the project, but only in 6 months.." so I've had to look for other alternatives. We've had some good and bad experiences (as it to be expected), but now I have at least one person who delivers excellent quality and is very reliable.

I have diversified away from just software development into doing project management, requirements, photoshop and html, javascript. This has been made possible by my extended team.

I have also started to do basic websites, based on WordPress. This is not the most lucrative line of work, and I'm not sure if it's a good direction to go in, but it seems to be what the market demands. And I don't like to say "no" to customers :-)

A sadder note in 2013 is that I've started to use KSV (debt collection agency) to collect money from some of my customers. It seems there was a lot of unwillingness to pay by some of my customers (not all!). Henceforth I shall be taking a harder line; any customer with any debt will not be able to order new features at all (even if they are very persuasive salespeople).

We have taken the following software online for our customers 2013:

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It was originally published on 3 Jan 2014
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