Producing a ticketing website with payment and visual design, in one day, on a Sunday

On Friday I learned that I must create a website for a customer, and that P.R. was going out about the website's existence Sunday evening. On Saturday I was out all day at a wedding. So Sunday was going to be the day when it was both going to be started, and had to be completed.

Amazingly, my colleague Mae and I did the website in the day. Mae designed the entire HTML from scratch. I found out how to integrate with PayPal, and implemented the API during that day: including using the IPN notification API to register successful payment and decrease the number of tickets that were available (limited guest-list to an event.)

It's a website where you can sign up to the MatchMatrix event; it's an dating event taking place in a Vienna club in August, limited to 250 places for men and women.

Let's see if the event is successful, but Elmar Rassi, the event co-organizer, has over 100k likes on Facebook, so must be pretty famous. [Update 29 Jul: No tickets were sold; website is offline at the request of the customer]

Mae is one of my remote workers from the Philippines who I found over the internet. I like to work with remote workers, as it increases my capacity, i.e. I can deliver more work to my customers that way. I would increase my team size in Vienna, but people who are good are already employed.

Although my and my team's speciality is software development for websites, every now and again I get a request to just make "a website", without a lot of software. I'm happy to do these projects as well. Although, ideally not on quite such short notice.

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It was originally published on 26 Jun 2013

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