We took uboot.com online 10 years ago

At approx 6:30am on Monday 21st Feb 2000 my boss, my colleague and I took the first version of Uboot online.

It certainly didn't have all the features it needed back then, it took us one extra week to add an address book to the messaging functionality, for example. And it didn't have any photo sharing, video sharing, blogging, or the e-commerce functions that it has now.

It's actually amazing how fast we did develop the first version: a team of three software developers, I started at the company on 3rd Jan 2000 and completed two other projects before starting Uboot; the first commit was on 19th Jan 2000.

With a few exceptions, I have been involved with Uboot software development, sometimes more, sometimes less, since then.

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It was originally published on 21 Feb 2010
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