Using Ubuntu at home

Bought a new computer, decided to try out Ubuntu Linux. Here's my report of things i liked, things that worked, things I disliked, and things that didn't work.

Things that are improvements over Windows and Mac:

And improvements over Windows (but these things work on a Mac):

Things that aren't so good:

Things that would have worked fine on Windows or Mac, but surprised me by also just working on Ubuntu:

Things that didn't work

To be fair even with the negative things, I mean, although not everything works, one mustn't forget that Windows doesn't just work either, it's just one's used to it (e.g. when I start my work PC, some random Tomcat error always comes up, which you just have to click away..)

Annoyingly I've now transitioned myself into a state where I prefer some things about Ubuntu and some things about Windows, therefore neither Ubuntu nor Windows (nor Mac) appears to me to be the perfect operating system. Before I'd tried Ubuntu I was happy using Windows. Arguably this state transition was a mistake in terms of maximizing my operating system satisfaction.

Ubuntu 12.04, vs WIndows XP-7, Mac OS 10.4

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It was originally published on 1 Nov 2012
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