Two great comments about Windows

By Adrian Smith10 Mar 2008200 words1 mins to read

Two great comments from people about their experiences with Windows. I can really sympathize with these people!


Yesterday, it started an update I didn't even want to initiate on shut-down so I had to walk to my car & drive off with this stupid laptop running in my hand to get to work. Is MS trying to get me fired?


I've come very close to picking up my Vista computer and throwing it out the window on several occasions. I got so tired of it constantly running something in the background and me not being able to stop it, that I punched the machine the other day. Yes, I know, not terribly intelligent, but man does Vista frustrate me. It hangs all the time, FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. I could go on, let's just say that when using Vista you feel like MS just didn't really care whether or not it works.

This article was written by Adrian Smith on 10 Mar 2008

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