Sony Vaio Support (Day 2)

Tuesday was much better. The employee from Monday said she'd (try to) ring me, even if nothing happened. She did ring me, at about 5pm (which made me a little worried that she wasn't going to call), and said that the laptop could be collected the next day. They hadn't resolved the warranty issue, but they were prepared to accept that I had one (on the grounds of the invoice that I faxed to them, which they sent to me originally confirming my purchase), so were prepared to pick up and repair the laptop for free.

Concerning the pick-up,

Someone really has decided to make this as challenging as possible!

So here I am, Wednesday, Day 3, in the office, at 9am, waiting for the laptop to be picked up. How do people do this every day?

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It was originally published on 27 Jun 2007
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