Sony Vaio Support (Day 12)

Sony rang on Friday. They wanted to know the guarantee number (the number that I don't have, which should have been on the invoice; the invoice which originated from them, and I've sent them back twice already).

I took the opportunity to ask how the repair was going (as their website where you can track the repairs doesn't work). They told me the battery was broken and they had to send off for a new one, which hadn't arrived yet. There are two things wrong with that:

  1. They are a Sony repair shop. They are Europe's Sony repair shop (as far as I know). Why don't they have any batteries available in stock? Maybe this is the first time ever that a notebook has needed a new battery, but I doubt it.
  2. The laptop didn't work without the battery (i.e. with just the power cable connected). So I doubt it's the battery which is broken.

I am writing this on Wednesday (day 17) and still no news.

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It was originally published on 11 Jul 2007
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