New Year, New Blog (2008)

I shall be blogging here henceforth. I have moved all my old articles over from my previous blog.

The reason for the move was multiple:

It wasn't easy easy as I had hoped to set up this blog. I imagined just FTPing over a WordPress installation and that would be it. While I don't want to sound ungrateful to the open-source programmers who made both the blogging software, and the hosting software possible, there are a sufficient number of small problems – both in implementation and in architecture – with the internet, web servers, web protocols, and in every piece of software, as to make the seemingly simple process of installing some blogging software annoying and time-consuming. I am writing this at the end of the second day of full-time work creating this blog.

So essentially had I not been deeply familiar with PHP, HTML, Javascript, .htaccess files, FTP, XML and (to an extent) CSS, I would not have made it. This is not something I would recommend for "Aunt Tillie".

Anyway, now it's done, and as I now maintain this software in contrast to before, I look forward to also having to fix it when it breaks randomly in the future (as inevitably software always does).

Here are some screenshots (taken some years later)

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It was originally published on 8 Jan 2008
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