“New Game!!!”: Great email exchange from my flatshare

I am writing this blog post in October 2012; this will get published automatically in one year, like government secrets published 50 years after the event. But this just cannot not be shared.

One of my flatmates has just written an email to all:

Subject: New Game!!!

It's time for a little Game called... ... ...  "Clean your dishes and live in peace" !!

Few assertions:

  • Human being has to live in an hygenic place
  • Everyone is respectful
  • Time to:  putting your plates, glasses, cutleries in the dishwasher + clean by yourself pan, saucepan(Yes, because as you know hot water is expensive and Earth ask us to do not waste it)  =  takes no more than 5 minutes
  • A clean kitchen is an area where everyone can go and enjoy it (because currently it's not really welcoming)
  • Live in a sharing flat is also comply with basics rules

If anyone is not interested about this "game" we are all enough mature to talk about it.

Also, if anyone has a request to do : It's time to do it !!

The person who was implicitly addressed in this email wrote back, also to all:

Hey. We kind of established a "policy" that its ok to let dirty dishes lie around for 24 or even 48h at certain occasions. At least no one ever had a problem with that, as long as its not getting to worse.. I personally think that maximum 1 or occasionly maybe a few days is a good timefraime to have and would not like to be forced to always clean everything right after eating. Sure we are mature enough to dicuss this.

How happy do you reckon the original author is going to be with this reply??

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It was originally published on 11 Oct 2013
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