Mozilla Thunderbird sucks

Really, Thunderbird is a terrible mail client. I'd been using Outlook for about 5 years when I first tried it, so I thought maybe the reason I didn't like it was simply because it was different, in which case I should continue to use it to get used to it. One year on I still hate it and recently it just ate half my mail. So I'm going back to Outlook.

While downloading a large message using POP over a slow connection recently, the download bar (slowly progressing from 0% to about 50% at the time of the crash) simply went away (without error). Clicking "Get mail" button again did nothing (without error). Restarting the program showed the "Inbox" to be blank for a very long time, but it seemed to be doing something, and after about 1-2 minutes the list of messages appeared. But only the mails received between the time I started using Thunderbird and about mid 2006-10 were there. Mails from mid 2006-10 to now (mid 2007-04) are just gone. So that'll be the mailbox corrupted then. Imagine you relied on Thunderbird as the only storage place for all your mail. Well, thankfully I don't. And thankfully I won't even be using Thunderbird for one of the storage places for my mail in the future.

Here are the reasons I didn't like Thunderbird from the beginning.

SMTP is not new. POP is not new.Win32 is not new. Surely in the time between the creation of those technologies and now, one must have been able to do better than this.

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It was originally published on 12 Apr 2007
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