Monitors, as with everything else, need rebooting sometimes

The monitor I am using at work suddenly went white. I.e. every pixel went white; not black, and not blue. A white screen of death, as it were.

I was in the middle of programming an algorithm requiring some degree of thought, so I wasn't really up for being interrupted by unreliable technology.

The monitor a 22" wide-screen flat monitor. My initial suspicion obviously lay with Windows.

For some reason, some instinct told me to turn the monitor off and on. I pressed the on/off button but amazingly nothing happened, and the "on" light stayed on. The on/off button is hidden in some inconvenient place, and one can't see it unless one gets up and peers round the side of the monitor. It has no real tactile feedback when pressed, so initially I assumed, when the button did nothing, that I'd pressed it wrongly.

But getting up and looking at the button and pressing it a few more times confirmed that it was in fact doing nothing.

Again, some instinct told me to hold the button down for 5 seconds. Amazingly, that did turn the monitor off.

I had managed to crash my monitor !

To quote my friend Robin:

As life goes on, one owns more and more devices which need rebooting.

This article is © Adrian Smith.
It was originally published on 27 Feb 2008
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