New design for mobilreport

By Adrian Smith21 Dec 2012200 words1 mins to read

After about 6 months of work we took the new design for mobilreport online a week or two ago.

This software is used by a number of big-name Austrian companies such as Austrian Gaming Industries, Stihl, GlobeAir, Blum, Fohrenburger, Stiegl, neudoerfler, and various others we're not at liberty to name.

I have been working for mobilreport from its beginning. Onestop Concept designed the requirements together with the customer and I did the software design and implementation. For this new design project, I also was responsible for the visual design (Photoshops), the HTML (outsourced to Philippines, which was very successful), and my employee Martin integrated the HTML with our software.

This article was written by Adrian Smith on 21 Dec 2012

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