If you make a mistake, you should get a pay rise

The following two viewpoints are not consistent:

  1. "Come and work at our company. We are looking for someone with lots of experience. The more experience you have the more you'll get paid!"
  2. "You made a mistake. You're fired!"

You can pick up knowledge at university and through reading books. But companies still want experience in addition to knowledge. For me, experience is very much having seen what works, and what doesn't work, by having done things that work, and done things that don't work.

So in my opinion, if you're going to pay someone joining a company a higher salary if they're more experienced, if your existing team member walks in to your office and states "sorry I just made a mistake, my bug wiped the production database", you should reply, "congratulations, this is one mistake you won't make again, now you are more experienced, have a pay rise".

This article is © Adrian Smith.
It was originally published on 28 Jun 2013
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