Solved: Jetty doesn’t show errors on web application start-up

By Adrian Smith23 Dec 2013200 words1 mins to read

From a certain version of the "jetty" package in Debian Linux, if the web application didn't start up (servlet init() throws an Exception), this error wasn't logged anywhere. The solution is to install the libjetty-extra package.

sudo apt-get install libjetty-extra

It took some amount of experimentation to find the solution. I don't know why you'd ever want to not log errors; i.e. why the logging of errors is an "extra".

Jetty is a Java web server, similar to Tomcat, it's my server of choice. It's simple, doesn't seem to do much apart from run WARs, and (apart from this issue) I've rarely had any problems with it.

This article was written by Adrian Smith on 23 Dec 2013

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