Bugs in uboot.com BJ

UPDATE: This is was my first every blog post. We'd just released "uboot BJ", introducing blogging and video galleries to uboot.

well really a lot of things were far from optimal about the software. lots of bugs but a lot of things which were integration troubles, i.e. one bit of software worked 95% and another software worked 95% and together they worked 0%. today and yesterday sat with smo and went through a whole bunch of software from a whole bunch of people and just hacked away until it worked. now there are last 5 galleries etc on the start page which is quite cool.

new galleries is not as cool as it could be, as they are "checked", i.e. when the customer care agents go home then there is no new checked content. but the newest blogs are interesting as they are not checked.

surprisingly people tend to use the new blogs much as the old galleries, i.e. just lots and lots of photos. surely the gallery is the more appropriate forum for such content. but hey, if the users like it, that's all i care about.

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It was originally published on 3 Apr 2006
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