“Ask Tom” Oracle Seminar in Prague

By Adrian Smith10 Mar 2009400 words2 mins to read

Today and tomorrow I am at an Ask Tom Live Seminar in Prague. Tom Kyte works for Oracle and has written many books on Oracle. For me he's a bit of a "star", so when I heard he was talking in Europe, I had to come. (But is that wrong? Normal people are in to stars like Robbie Williams surely, not Oracle experts.)

Wow there is so much I don't know about Oracle evidently. I mean the solutions that he is presenting concerning Oracle 11g, are solutions to problems in features I've never used, such as partitioning, etc.

Some fun things I learnt:

P.S. I should have brought my Oracle One on One with me for him to autograph... OK that would have been ridiculous.

This article was written by Adrian Smith on 10 Mar 2009

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