UK Fiancée Visa application successful

On Monday we went over to Hong Kong to make the application for the Fiancee Visa, for Christina to enter the UK to get married. She is allowed to enter the UK anyway for tourism, but to get married the visa is required. The visa lasts 6 months, does not entitle Christina to work in the UK, and after marriage the next visa (Spouse Visa) has to be applied for (although we will do this for Austria instead of the UK).

I had prepared lots of documents for the application process; however by the time we went over there this set of documents had grown to at least twice or three-times this amount.

Ironically there was some repeating-DVD on the TV screens in the waiting room, where some applicant actress says "wow, I didn't know it would be that fast and easy!". I thought this was extremely ironic.

But in fact, contrary to our expectations, it was indeed both fast and easy (not including preparation of the documents). They called us 45 minutes after we left the building to tell us Christina's passport containing the visa could be picked up.

We had prepared all the documents with the originals and copies collated (as they said they needed to take both away, and would give us the copies back). I had thus prepared a large spreadsheet listing all the documents that I wanted back (e.g. original bank statements). I thought merely sorting all this stuff out to give back to us would take half a day! But when we got the documents back they were all collated just as we'd given them to them, i.e. they hadn't even taken the copies out. I suppose they didn't look at the documents that much, or even at all?

The only things they took out were the copy of the passports (incl. stamps of our entry/exit to/from Macau/Europe) and my covering letter explaining my financial and employment situation, our plan to live with my parents initially when in the UK etc.

So maybe we could have spared most of the effort of the preparation of the documents? (Or maybe not, maybe a precondition of granting the visa was a certain mandatory documentary weight?)

Anyway, it's good news. We have to make an application in the UK to "give notice". But I've had chats with the office that do that, they imply it's easy, and that the Fiancée Visa is the difficult one. So let's hope that's true.

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It was originally published on 9 Apr 2008

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