VHS clock unset for 9 years

Christina and I have a cool HDD/DVD recorder in Macau. One can set up timed programs and it records them from the TV when one is away. You can even copy them to removable media (DVD).

I wish I had something similar in Vienna! Ah yes I do, I realize, I own a VHS recorder :)

To set up a timed program, I have to first the device date/time. I'd never done that (Blinking "–:–" situation). I took a look at the instructions, and there was the "Beispiel" (example) of setting the clock to December 1998. Ah yes, I remember I bought the device in the summer of 1999.

And only today, 2nd December 2007, for the first time, do I set the clock and create my first timed recording :)

P.S. The summer of 1999 is so far away in the past, when I bought the recorder I was seriously stumped by the fact the manual was only in German and I didn't speak German back then.

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It was originally published on 2 Dec 2007

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