Austrian mobile working again

My Austrian mobile phone works again.

  1. Originally I asked them to send the new SIM card to Macau, they didn't want to do that. Thankfully I am not the sort of business person who relies heavily on their phone while also travelling a lot. If you are that sort of person, probably better not choose Telering.
  2. Then they said they would send the new SIM card to Vienna. 1.5 months later when I arrived back from Macau, it wasn't there with my post.
  3. I went to my normal Telering shop at Stephansplatz, it was closed.
  4. So I went into a different shop today, and they gave me a new SIM card. The girl was quite confused by the fact that there was a "lock" on my account (presumably from when I rang up and told them I'd lost the phone?). But her colleague told her to ignore that. The SIM card she gave me didn't work.
  5. Just now I rang up, and they told me "it doesn't work because your account is locked". They unlocked that now, and now it works.

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It was originally published on 6 Dec 2007

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